Aha, Behind the Scenes!

Step into the world of movie magic! From 26 November in Science Centre AHHAA.

Starting from 26 November, Science Centre AHHAA shows its visitors what’s going on behind the scenes – how special effects are created and movie miracles are actually made.

„Aha, Behind the Scenes“ shows you the very important side of moviemaking that usually remains invisible. What you see on the movie or TV screen is never the same thing that the camera sees!

„Aha, Behind the Scenes!“ was created by Science Centre AHHAA.

Now you can become a director or a cinematographer – or even an actor! In this exhibition, you can:

  • Learn how green screen effects are created (and create some by yourself)
  • How does movie make-up work and how can we make regular people look like monsters?
  • Try on different movie costumes – become The Incredible Hulk, Darth Vader or a fairytale princess
  • Create stop motion cartoons
  • Try to film with CableCam, crane camera and the dolly.

Come and find out what’s happening behind the scenes!

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