New movies in AHHAA 4D Adventure Cinema!

3 brand new adventure movies are now waiting for you: "Lost in Fear", "Glacier Race" and "Wild West Mine Ride". Starting from 20 December 2015.
"Lost in Fear"

When you wake up in a nightmare and you hopelessly start running, that's when your roller coaster horror ride begins. Sit down and live "Lost in fear". You may close your eyes, but the zombies of your worst nightmare will still find you...

Attention! Recommended for ages 12 and over

"Glacier Race"

Braving subzero temperatures, eight "junky" racers maneuver their ultra-sophisticated vehicles across frozen landscapes through tunnels and ice waterfalls, facing the ultimate test of driving skill. A pulse-pounding high-octane race, a ruthless quest for victory, featuring dazzlingly realistic imagery coupled with a powerful soundtrack. Be in the driver's seat, stay on the track and get ready for this death-defying race

"Wild West Mine Ride"

Get ready for an action-packed ride with a hapless Sheriff and his trusty steed as they chase a ruthless bank robber through the Wild West. Will the bungling duo survive the runway mine cart ride and bring the bandit to justice? Hang on to what you can!

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